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Our Story: Turning Players Into Scorers!

Posted by Kirk Brewer on

Scoremore is the result of the years I've spent playing sports and coaching kids teams. I know that practice is key in gaining skills and improving technique, but often practicing is boring and repetitive, especially practicing by yourself. Scoremore can help.

One day while on a walk with my wife, I noticed three boys practicing on a soccer field kicking soccer balls into an empty net. They were practicing, but they looked bored, and who can blame them?  I watched as they kicked the ball into the net time after time with little effort to target those kicks to the areas most likely to result in a score--the corners.

In short, their "practice" was pointless in helping them get better and able to score when a goalie was present.  What they needed was something that would encourage practice and reward their effort.

This triggered my idea of targets that could attach somehow to a goal and give players something to aim at--immediate gratification that would tell them if they were getting better.  I was thinking about this as we continued our walk, and just a few few fields down I saw a team warming up.  They were doing multiple drills: ball handling, passing, keep away and other exercises to help them better move the ball down the field. What they were NOT doing were any drills designed to make a player a scorer, which is what every player and coach REALLY wants. 

So we finished our walk with my mind reeling about designing something effective and affordable that individual players and coaches could use to actually develop shooting and scoring skills. My goal was to have the targets affordable for individual players and also be used by teams. I wanted them durable and able to snap back when hit with the soccer ball because nobody wants to waste time repositioning or resetting if you don't have to. It also needed to universally fit any goal and be easy to put on, even for a young player, because individual practice is crucial to improving. 

After thinking about it and drawing some very basic plans, I talked with my engineer son-in-law, Grahm Roach, to see what he thought about the project. He thought it was a great idea, and he developed several prototypes before finally finding the best materials that allow for the spring action, durability and flexibility.

ScoreMore targets truly are the ideal practice aid to turn players into scorers!